24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance in Toronto

This is something that can happen to anyone at any time. You need emergency roadside assistance straight away. If you live in the Toronto area, ON Roadside Assistance can provide the following emergency roadside assistance in Toronto.

Roadside Assistance Toronto – Accidents

The worst case scenario is an accident. We have a whole range of different towing options. Your vehicle may need to be taken away for a more thorough repair. Our towing options include:

  • Light towing
  • Heavy towing
  • Dolly towing
  • Flatbed towing

We can deal with everything from a large commercial truck to a standard automobile. This also includes options for motorbikes.

The immediate aftermath of a vehicle accident can be very traumatic. Along with your vehicle, we will assist you if you have to deal with auto insurance, as well as with the police and warranty claims. All this can be taken care of, no matter where any liability might lie.

Emergency Roadside Assistance – Jump Starts and Lockouts

This can be a common experience. Your vehicle engine not re-starting right away could be down to you neglecting regular maintenance for your car. There may be other reasons for this. You might be stranded on the side of the road, hoping for some kind stranger to jump start your motor. It is far better to call us at ON Roadside Assistance. We can get to you in 30 minutes and give you the necessary emergency road side assistance to get you going again. Our skilled technicians will quickly diagnose what the underlying problems might be for a flat battery. This could simply be the need for a battery recharge. You could need a new car battery, which we can supply on the spot. There might also be other reasons that we will advise you on.

24/7 Roadside Aassistance

We at ON Roadside Assistance provide 24/7 service. We can give you an estimated time of arrival within 30 minutes. On top of this, we provide a variety of different services. These include the following:

  • jump starting a flat battery
  • filling up an empty fuel tank
  • putting on or replacing a flat tire
  • replacing a dead battery

These are all annoying emergencies we may all have experienced.

We also deal with the trickier situation of a lost or misplaced car key; a key that has broken in the ignition or car door; plus any bent car keys. Modern vehicles have a whole range of different remote locking devices. Our locksmiths can deal with all of these plus the traditional car key.

You can be locked out of your vehicle for a whole number of reasons. The key is simply lost, left on the car seat or in the ignition. The key breaks off in the ignition. This can happen to any of us at any time.
Added to this is the increasing use of remote keyless systems by all auto manufactures. There are transponder and smart key systems.

In some systems, a signal is sent by the key fob to the motor. If the signal is recognized, then the doors will unlock. Some systems are designed to deactivate and activate the car’s ignition system. Signals are encrypted or “rotated” to stop “spoofing” or hacking by potential car thieves.

We at ON Roadside assistance Toronto can deal with all makes and ages of cars. This covers a Porsche or Lexus with very sophisticated keyless car security systems. We can also provide laser cutting for new keys or deal with the lost car keys of your mid 60’s Ford Mustang. We can deal with the reprogramming and re-cutting of car keys.

In Any Case of Emergency Roadside Assistance

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